Professional development that changed my thinking

Date: 8th Jul '14

Kim Wright, RILMAC marketing manager

After my time with human alchemy I was thinking in extraordinary ways – they really brought out the best in me!

During maternity leave I continued my passion for marketing by creating my own business but I jumped at the chance to take up an exciting role with RILMAC. My employer invited human alchemy to work with their middle management team, which included me!

Returning to work was great, but quite daunting as I had become part of a significant change programme and although I had held positions of responsibility, I hadn’t had the opportunity to develop my change management skills. 

Dawn and Paul taught me how to co-ordinate the programme which I thoroughly embraced and enjoyed my role as ‘lynch pin’ for the other managers.

Part of this process was creating a top quality code of conduct as not having one affected how staff and teams interacted with one another, and performed their roles.  We created a first-class code then, fully taking on board human alchemy’s innovational way of thinking, we explored the many opportunities which became apparent thanks to the fresh approach we now had. It was liberating to work as a team, and human alchemy kept us all on track, engaged and inspired - they brought out the best in us. We started to think less as individual departments and more as a whole company. We had created far more than a code of conduct; we were thinking in extraordinary ways!

I have now moved on and am starting out as a freelance marketing manager. Working with Paul and Dawn has impacted not only my previous position but also my new venture, and life at large. I learnt invaluable techniques that enable me to better focus & manage my life, communicate with others much more clearly and to have fantastic relationships. I use these techniques as a way of life now, both at work and even with my young children!

I would most definitely recommend Dawn & Paul as they have given my management skills a fresh perspective. I loved their infectious enthusiasm and find them motivating and inspiring; I would describe myself as a big fan. 

Kim now has her own business with her husband Al, providing leading edge IT, Technology and Marketing business solutions.